How to potty training a girl

Potty training can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for everyone involved.In potty training boy and girl. Potty training in girl will be do simply mothat than boy due to their behavior.  Below you will find a description of how your daughter can be successfully potty trained with patience and positivity.

Laying the foundations

Beginning at the right time with it. It is important to wait until your daughter from the physical and emotional development here is ready. Usually this is for most children aged 22 and 30 months, and girls are often a little earlier than boys. Each child is different, though.
Detect the signs. A little girl is physically ready if it can control the bowel and bladder. When it around the same time has a bowel movement every day and at night, nothing happens, that's a good sign. In addition, when staying at least two hours dry the diapers, which is another good sign.
Another note. Children are emotionally ready to use the toilet as soon as they start talking. If your girl says that it wants to be a "big girl", you can start with the potty training.

Purchase a potty and a toilet seat. Both tools can help you to train your daughter to go potty. Which you choose depends on your individual situation in the bathroom, but you should know the following:
A potty is a portable toilet-shaped container to which a little girl can climb without much difficulty. It is recommended that you start exercising with a potty in child size, as a little girl alone can climb it. It is also safer so feel, because it is closer to the ground, which will make the process much easier.
A toilet seat fits on a normal toilet and makes the opening narrower, which will prevent the child falls for, or feel as if it could slip away. You should also have a small stool to climb on sale.

Demonstrators the operation. Toddlers learn by imitating adults and older children. It is therefore important that the girl's mother or other female relatives on the toilet looks, rather than the father or other male relatives.

Avoid the false demonstrations. If the girl sees in front of the toilet an older brother or the father, it could try to do the same. In cases like these, you should see the difference between boys and girls explain. The girl needs to know that all the girls have to sit down to use the potty.
If there are no other women in your life, you can do it your toddler also using books or videos show specifically intended as a tool for toilet training.

Another great way to illustrate the process, let the girl live out the operation with a favorite doll or a teddy bear. Girls tend to develop an emotional attachment to her dolls and stuffed animals, and when they see their beloved companion on the potty, they might be more motivated to follow the example of the toy.

Plan the training. Limited hours, when your daughter most likely a bathroom break needs, and try, your efforts to coordinate these times. When she visited a daycare center or any other person taking care of a part of the day to you, you have possibly. Skip these times and you focus on the times of day you spend with her.

Decision, which should take your girl in the meantime. You could alternatively use diapers and underpants, but that can be confusing for your toddler. Try instead the following options:
Disposable training pants are useful because they function like diapers, but the toddler can autonomously pull down high or.
You can use training pants, or directly on real underwear or training pants switch from cotton. This causes wet feel your daughter as soon as she begins to urinate, so she will be more motivated to go to the potty. This option will also be much dirtier.
Be aware that you have probably let your daughter at night for a few months in diapers after they stay dry during the day. Your body needs time to train yourself at night water Allow. Once it always stays dry at night, you can write to underpants change.

Introduction to potty training

Personalised experience. Your daughter will feel more comfortable and be contingent enthusiastic when potty training is tailored to them.
Dial a training potty training or a seat with a design or color that appeals to your little girl. If possible, write the name directly on the exercise machine, or decorated h the sides of the training potty with colorful stickers.
Even if it's time for your daughter to switch to panties instead of diapers, dial colorful, fun designs that will wear them proudly.

Make the girl familiar with the toilet. Your toddler will perhaps feel unsafe to climb on the potty, because it seems to him as strange. But you can help relieve the anxiety by you for taking time for the gradual transition.
Catch the action at first attracted. The fact that the girls can sit with their clothes on the potty, it may be sitting at the position and the way used.
Transition to sit without pants on the potty. After sitting after about a week or so comfortable on the potty training, it may be willing to work with the pants down strikes remain seated. If the child but defends itself, give him more time. Avoid the fights or struggles for power that are the experience put a damper and may have more resistance result.

Erlaub your toddler without trousers to sit for a while. It appears that children often easier to determine when to go to the bathroom when they sit on the toilet without clothes. Make sure that the potty for your daughter is nearby, and hurry up, directing them there as soon as their body language suggesting that she needs to go. Encouragement they remain seated until it succeeds.
Keep up while waiting with her. A stack of picture books or a few toys should be available.
Title Potty Train Your Daughter Step 94
Bring her in, wipe properly. In girls, there is a higher risk of developing urinary tract infections, and the potty training the risk for girls is even higher, being more spread bacteria around them. Tell the girls to push the toilet paper from front to back.
If the paper has forgotten to move it right, you'll show to be pat dry after she has urinated.

Keep Momentum

Stay positive. Celebrate the triumphs and be patient with it for errors. Remember that the goal is that it even wants to go potty, and not because it is afraid of punishment.
The occasional reward allows your little girl to know how proud you are, and will it encourage and promote the determination to be better. You can thus reward that it can watch a video of the girl. Or is it a sticker or small treats for a success on the potty.

Transition to the night training. Once your daughter stays dry during the day and goes potty, Verifiable morning their diapers and monitored, if they are still wet themselves at night. If their disposable training pants remain dry, it is probably time for night training.
In addition, if they have the desire to try to wear normal underpants at night, erlaub her to try it. If her body is not yet ready to and it continues so, the bed wetting a few nights in a row, alternately for a short time back in training pants.

Understand that the process may take a while. Most girls are clean with about 36 months, although results may vary. It may take 6 to 12 months before the process is complete, and children of both sexes generally need help with wiping after defecation until they are about 5 years old.
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