How to potty training a boy

Get used to a boy to the potty, can be exhausting. The trouble is, however, worth it as you have to no longer care about the subject diapers. To train your son to the potty, you have to stay positive, motivate him and make it a fun experience for the whole family. If you stick to the potty training plan, you are the diapers in no time going on. Please review the following steps to find out how you get used to the potty training a boy.

Prepare in order to get used to your son

Looking for signs that your son is ready for potty training. While there is no perfect time to start becoming dry, most children develop this ability, however, between the 18th and 24th month. Most parents start potty training but only from the age of 2.5 to 3 years, when the bladder and the bowels of the child is reliable. These are some signs that your son for the potty training is provided:

Look for physical signs. Your son is ready for potty training when he ejects healthy amounts of urine at once predictable and has solid defecation and may remain at least two hours dry during a siesta. It should also have enough coordination to run smoothly and can run.

Pay attention to behaviors. Your son is ready for potty training when he can easily upload his pants and pull down and at least two minutes sitting in the same position. He should also announce his bowel movements by giving noises or it says directly to you. Besides, he should have an aversion to full diapers and an interest in the bathroom habits of other people.

Pay attention to cognitive signs. He should understand what it means to go to the bathroom, have words for it, and to be able to follow your instructions. It should also recognize in time the physical sign that he needs the bathroom.

Buy a potty. Can it with the potty training serious, buy your son a potty so he feels comfortable and independent. A lot of guys are afraid to sit on the toilet, because they fear falling into it and not feel stable. Buy your son so a potty on which he sit and touch his feet the ground can.
Determine if you want to buy a potty with a urine splash protection. This splash guard will protect your floor from a few extra drops of urine, but your son might hurt and therefore lead to unpleasant associations with the potty on the penis. There are pots with removable urine splashback, so opt for one of this type, if you're unsure.
Choose a bright, cheerful color, perhaps even the favorite color of your Son, so that the potty acts welcoming.

Make your son familiar with the potty. Present the potty before your son to use it. Adjusting it. In his play area, so that it become accustomed by sit on it and play with it You can even work together with your son personal, for example with the potty stickers.
Let your son to practice dressed sitting on it every now and again. After he has a week or two used to the potty, you can proceed with the next steps.

Let watch him. Start the potty training by you allow your son, together with his father to go to the bathroom, so he can see the progress. His father can ask him if he wants to try it. Do not put your child, however, under pressure; Give him only option, so he knows that he is his own boss in the bathroom.
Most likely wanted your son already do in the past, things that made his father, which should be no different in this case. His father should handle the matter as a cool privilege for adults, then the process on your son seems more exciting.

Choose the right time to begin with becoming dry. The potty training should be positioned so that you can concentrate on the project and the little know what to expect. Plane a, the first few days to spend as much time as possible at home. get used to your son on the road or under hectic circumstances on the potty, is very difficult. If you need to leave the house, pack the potty for emergencies in your car.
Choose from a period that is relatively stress-free both for you and for your son. Should you, for example, just a pet have adopted or be moved, it is advisable that potty training to move a few weeks to again everything has settled.

Start with the Training

Pick out a training plan that works for your family and yourself. There are two different approaches for becoming dry thy son: you can either switch between diapers and disposable underpants or you opt for the "cold turkey", using normal underwear, even if your son still accidents happen. Both plans have advantages and disadvantages:
If you let your son wear underwear all the time, it may be that he can learn more quickly because he will immediately notice when he wet the bed and it will be more unpleasant than feel in a diaper. The downside is that you'll have a lot of dirty laundry.

When switching back and forth to your son gradually bring down the potty. Should your son be in kindergarten, it may be rather the educator that he was still wearing diapers during the drying becoming. Discuss the situation with her.

You can login at night and decide on long trips for diapers and daytime use underwear.

Bring your son in the right shape. You should teach him first, that he should urinate sitting down and poo, so he finds a comfortable position. Bring him that he pushes his penis straight down before he sits down. So he not been injured, and is aimed in the right direction.
Show him how he himself will wipe the Po after it has finished. You can start by you doing it at yourself and ask him for help. Bring him in gradually as he can clean himself.
As soon as he mastered the toilet seat, you can teach him how to pee standing up. He should ask himself just before the potty and easily spread his feet. You can throw in the pot to make the exercise fun and to offer him a target a few colorful cornflakes or something similar.
You can give your son something to read pass while on the potty sitting, so that it feels more comfortable.

Give your son a little "naked time" with the potty. While your son exerts becoming dry, you should give him some time to run naked with his potty. So he will feel more comfortable with the potty and want to use it more. By nakedness your son the potty appears something natural and it looks a lot less like work.

Encourage your son to to sit on the potty, even if he does not have to use it. So he gets used to the handling and feels comfortable.

Prepare yourself for a couple of accidents. If he plays naked, it is quite likely that it will sooner or later undergo a mishap. That may be annoying, but think of it - the less time your son wears diapers, the faster it gets used to the potty.

Keep your son happy
Stay positive. get used to your son on the potty, a lengthy and frustrating process, be full of unpleasant incidents. But that's okay - you can not control whether your son happens a mishap. What you can control, however, is your response to his mistakes. Be sure to stay positive, not him scold or be mean, if he did not make it in time to be potty.
Strengthen your son positive instead of reacting negatively. If you react negatively, he will be ashamed and feel insecure and lose his self-confidence, he needs to be dry.

Remember that potty training can be a traumatic experience for a child. For a small child it feels almost as if it would give something of themselves. Sensitive So do throughout the process and patient.

Buy cool panties. Motivate your son to go to his potty by going shopping with him underpants. Take him in the shops and show him the variety of available underpants. Allow him to choose a pair of underpants according to his taste, regardless of whether it is printed with trains, puppy or spaceships. Tell him that he, and he has become accustomed to the potty, constantly can wear proper underwear, like his father and his brothers.

Not all guys like wearing panties immediately. If he did not like how the pants feel on his bare skin, allow him to them first to draw on his diapers.

Celebrate his successes. Do not be indifferent when your son goes to the potty. Lobe, kisses and hit him and tell him that he has mastered the great. Do a lot of wind to the matter and call in his presence to his father to tell him how great his son is already. Tell him every time he goes to the potty that you're proud of him.
Be sure to be consistent. If you break out in a few days in a storm of enthusiasm, because your son is gone on his potty and it did not notice on other days, it will confuse.

Reward him for his walk on the potty. Give him a candy or a sticker. About Rich him a reward if he made Pipi and two, if he has done his business. The reward should be interesting enough to motivate him, but not so large that it will be expensive. Throw some candy, stickers and small toys in a box and after each successful potty transition, your son can search for a reward.
You can even hang a calendar and highlight each successful potty transition with a label.

Finish the workout

Train up your son at night the potty. As soon as your son has become accustomed to during the day to go on his potty, it is time to prepare him for the night. Before you begin, you should be sure that your son can during siesta stay dry at least two hours. The next step is to let your son to sleep in his underpants and catching at night, whether it is an accident happens. If he stays more than half of all nights dry, you can change "underpants" mode slowly in.

If your son at night still frequently wetting the bed, make sure that he is not discouraged. Leg him at night for diapers and assure him that he will not need them any more, if it is greater. Then gently start a new attempt.

One explanation for why your son wet the bed at night may be that his bladder is too small to hold urine. Attempts to limit fluid intake after five in the afternoon and see if that makes a difference.
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Dispose of your diapers. If your son has gotten used fully to the potty, you can easily, say goodbye and celebrating the diapers! Emphasize that it is a significant change and tell your son that you're very proud of him. Make a little happy dance and belohn him with his favorite candy or looking together his favorite movie.
If you give the diapers of a family with a small child, take your son. He is so still feel much more grown up!

Buy funny panties, so that your son does not feel like it to be a big boy.
Bring your son when to urinate on the potty well as to perform also his business. Sooner or later he will learn to pee standing up when he has gotten used to the use of a regular toilet.

Anger you. During potty training is not about your child Remember that it is slightly less rapid in guys usually than in girls. not React negatively because your child be uncooperative or could do in the worst case, regressed. Be empathetic and patient and give him time to practice.
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