When should you start with the toilet training?

Like all parents, before you every time your baby diaper change probably asking: "How long shall I have to do that?" There are several ways, depending on how active a role that you would take and how pleasant your child is. Early Potty Training

It is possible through a technique called "elimination communication" to potty train a toddler. However, parents must do all the work substantially, because the child is, in some cases, too young to crawl on the potty.

Generally girls the same age boys advance in their development. We therefore propose to start at the age of 18 months to 3 years with the toilet training to give 28 months, the average age. Keep in mind that the younger your child is, the longer it may take the becoming dry.

Two years old
Two years old is to start potty training a traditional time, and experts agree on early childhood that children at this age have enough muscle control and self-knowledge to know how to go and how to keep it. However, two-olds are notoriously stubborn and can sabotage your efforts if they are not interested.

Three years old
Some parents wait until their child three to potty training, on the advice of the pediatrician and potty - waiting Training Expert T. Berry Brazelton, who recommends until your child shows interest begin.
night training

Signs that your child is ready for potty:

Your child is interested in making sure you go to the bathroom and asks questions.
Your child tells you that it has the full diaper
Your child sits on the potty (It's a good idea to train their child before the toilet training of sitting on the potty)
Your child tells you that it has to go to the bathroom, giving you time to put them on the potty
Your child can pull his pants and underwear down (and maybe even attract already own again)
The most important thing, do not fight with your child is. Because when your child builds up a negative association with the potty, toilet training will be much longer than necessary. If you notice even no progress after a few days and think that running in place, I recommend that you simply take a break and there in a few months to try again. Likewise, you should not begin when major changes as a new baby or moving house are in the house toilet training.

What you need for toilet training?
Max on Flexi FitEin potty (if your bathroom on the 2nd floor is ideally a potty for top and bottom), a toilet seat, a small step stool, bed pads and a waterproof mattress protector. We propose to buy both a potty and a toilet seat. The potty is perfect to teach your child to independently empty the bladder and intestines, while the toilet seat helps to accustom your child to the toilet. The potty, you can also use in other rooms than the bathroom, so that your child is too far does not know if it has to go to the toilet.

How should you start toilet training?
The best way to accustom your child to the potty by using it regularly, for example, put on the pot after bathing or breakfast. When you are ready to take the next step, perform panties instead of Bodies and tell your child that it will henceforth bear no more diapers, but a big boy / girl and have to go to the potty when it must be water or chair. Ask also every half hour if it needs to go to the toilet your child and put it on the potty every hour and encourage your child to urinate. So your child accustomed best to feel no longer to make in the diaper

What problems can occur when toilet training?
It is inevitable that accidents happen, so expect to have to wash a lot of panties and pants. but not scold her child when times bib - they do not want that their child is ashamed and connects so negative feelings by becoming dry. Reassure your child that it is no problem if it does not make it in time to potty's and motivate it to it next time just to try again. Place your child after an accident on the potty. It could be that their child is trying to hold back urine and stool because he is embarrassed that it had an accident. If her offspring has the knack, you show as much enthusiasm as possible and praise him after each course on potty's effusive - reward or positive words help to prevent relapses.

How do we create it dry through the night?
Many parents go to the toilet training still prefer step by step. However, we have looked back in retrospect, that we have our son weaned diapers not equal complete. When we started with the toilet training, his nappies were relatively dry at night, but then our son, accustomed to making night in the pants. Our daughter we brought then in from the beginning, to go without diapers to bed. We gave her the evening to drink less and put them at bedtime on's potty. Just before we went to bed, we stopped them once again through the potty so she could leave without waking up before deep sleep again water. We have used this method successfully overcame a number of months. When our youngest daughter, however, we decided to sleep for the time being to attract her a diaper.

To wait until your child is potty daytime dominate fully before using it at night (unless Wash 3.00 is your idea of fun).

no matter when you decide to potty train your child, consistency is key. Switching between pot packages and diapers can be confusing for your child (not to mention bad for carpeting), if he understands what a potty and how to use it.
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