Ultimate guide for potty training in 3 days


Leave the diaper ... in three days. This guide is based on how to potty training in 3 days
When you teach your child something new, just as accustom to use the potty, it is important that you be "relaxed, calm and consistent." You also need to be certain that your child is ready and have confidence in his ability to learn. If expressed doubts, option prompts the child to doubt himself.
In general, because situations vary from bimbo bimbo, the right period is between two and a half and three and a half years.

About two and a half years, keep a note of how many times your child pees. If you change the diaper every hour and a half to two and discover that sometimes it is dry means that began to control the bladder: the first step to leave the diaper. Take note for three days, if you find it dry for several times, it means that you can start the program for the farewell to the diaper. Other useful signals are: wants you to change the diaper as soon as the dirty, when he does his says it needs (or announces the intention), just can is removed from only a diaper, he is happy to talk about the use of the potty and puff books about it.

When you think that it is time to proceed, you can start talking about the potty. You do not need to buy it once, you can do with the help of books that explain how to switch from diapers to the potty.

At that point, if you have not already done so, you abandoned all sense of shame and be accompanied by the baby in the bathroom, for telling him word for word what you do up to hand washing. Important: make sure to be careful about what you do. If the child does not want to accompany you to the toilet, do not insist.

Are you ready for the next step? Good. Explain to the child calmly that subtract from the diaper when playing at home or in the garden, and when he wants to pee or poop will sit on the potty will buy together. If the child says clearly no or resist, leave him alone and not the argument riparlate for three to four weeks. If, however, seems to agree, read together a book on the subject. You may also look together on the Internet to potties that you could buy. The child must learn early on that after pee you should wash your hands, it may also want to purchase a running board near the sink.

THINGS TO DO: keep calm and smile a lot, allow the child to accompany you to the toilet, make him drink often, allow him to run naked from the waist down when you are at home, mettergli pants with rubber band when you go out, esprimegli the praises physically with kisses and caresses, genuinely believing that the child will be able to do it, write down the time at which it usually goes to the body, use both the toilet / potty before you leave and when you return, remember that accidents are unwanted, stop the program if the child is not ready.

Here you can start the real program. The Supernanny says that you will need:

several pairs of shorts with elastic and a long T-shirt;
any important appointment for three days
cups and bottles fun to encourage your child to drink
calm and serenity.

Of course the baby needs to be comfortable, and you have to spend all day with him.

THINGS TO DO: show frustration, insist sull'argoment, tell the child "everyone we know do not wear a diaper", continue to say "you're a big boy, you should not have the diaper", insistently asking "do you want to do He pees? ", expressing disappointment in the event of an accident, making faces of disgust when you empty the potty, to overdo the praise, to continue the program if the child is not psychologically ready.

First day
The morning I decide to say goodbye to the diaper, sit with your child and read a book together on the subject. During breakfast then you should start talking to him buying the potty and where to put it. Then exit and go in the store. At this stage the child will still have the diaper. If your child is three years old, you could already opt for the gearbox. Also purchased a dozen panties.
When you get home, take off his diaper and let circulate the child with a shirt a bit 'long. Put the potty (or the potties) and next put a book or a game. Keep them there, they will serve to distract him.
The nanny also recommends the 'visual aids'. For example, a jar decorated and whenever the baby makes his need potty put us in a small stone inside. Or you could take a sign with the stickers, each time will hit the target let them attach a sticker.

Let your child play and while playing Give him something to drink available, the container must be fun to encourage you to do so. When he played for fifteen minutes, remind him where the potty. Then ask him: "Where do you pee if you run away?" Praise him when he answers: "Bravo!" E 'useful to monitor schedules to figure out how often your child needs to pee.
It 'likely that the first attempts did not go through. What to do? The nanny should contact directly to the 'willy' or 'chip' so "Listen to me, willy / potato. You've been very good to pee without diaper. The next time you ask ... to bring you to do it in the potty? " Then he pretends to have been answered and answered: "All right, thank you very much willy / potato".
Cleaning should be done quickly, silently and without involving the child.
Before lunch is good idea to go to the bathroom together. "I always have to pee before lunch and dinner. Let's do it together, then we wash our hands and let's eat." Encourage your child to sit on the potty while you are sitting on the toilet. Past 3:00 to 4:00 minutes, then wash your hands and go and eat.

After lunch an eye on hold to see if it strives to have a bowel movement. And 'common for children to go to the body after lunch if they have not done in the morning. If you understand that he wants to tell him: "I think you need to poop. We're going to sit on the potty and read a fairy tale". Let the quiet child and alone. If your child gets out of the potty or calls you to go on with the story it means that it is not ready. Forget it.

Hooray did it! Make party at the child, but do not overdo it or to embarrass him.
If the child is still the afternoon nap, consider you if put to bed with the 'diaper bedtime' (you have to be clear on this point with him) or if you put it to sleep without. It depends on what results you got in the morning ... If you put the diaper, take it out when the baby wakes up.
If you wake up the baby and the diaper / beds are dry, praise him and reward him with a pebble or a sticker. When there will be three dry naps, the baby will have made a great progress. After bring sleep in the bathroom and sit on the toilet while he is sitting on the potty. So started to introduce the habit: after the sleep you go to the bathroom.

If you exit the afternoon at the park, according to the English pediatric nurse, you should bring the potty behind and put it behind a tree. If wets, ask him as he changed: "You have heard pee when you get wet panties?" Wait for the answer and then say to him, "Next time, think about it, please. Now back to play. I love you so much."

If returns home dry, do sit on the potty and empty the bag or prepared dinner.
Before dinner follow the same procedure lunch.

Then followed the usual ritual of the evening, for example lagvaggio of teeth, pajamas, a bit 'of TV and reading of a fairy tale. E 'a relaxing moment in which can come urge to pee. Keep the potty at hand.

Then when it is bedtime tell the child that all people, before going to bed, they sit on the potty or the toilet to say goodnight to the last pee of the day. This also serves to establish a habit.
Remember to close the day with an incentive and recognition: put in the jar a pebble or two for the results achieved in the day.
So bring the baby to bed, the last thing to do before to wish him good night is to put the diaper bedtime. In fact, the passage must be gradual: first you need to gain independence during the day and then think of the night.
And now it's time to take stock of the first day: if the child is very upset paso or upset or has cried so much weigh up whether to continue the program or leave it alone for a month.

"In the bottom of my heart you will know what is the best choice for your child," Kathryn Mewes

Second day
When the baby wakes up, take the child the 'diaper bedtime' and wait five minutes before you invite him to use the potty because they could still sleep. Then the opportunity to sit on the potty is another habit that is introduced. The day begins with pee!
Then get ready for another day at home with the child naked from the waist down.
At breakfast remind him to tell the penis will have to do so much pee in the potty.
While playing at home if you notice that needs the potty, guide it to the potty with the record book or a game. In the event of an accident, limit yourself to clean up without any fuss. you could simply say: "You can try to get to the potty next time, govanotto?"
Repeat the procedure on the previous day. If you have identified the moment when the child goes to the body, you can let them out and you become aware. "I think that your body likes to poop every day after dinner / lunch / breakfast. We must bear this in mind and sit on the potty at that hour."
Before going to bed, the last visit to the potty. Praise him for the efforts made during the day and reward him with the stone. The last thing to do before you give her a hug and kiss goodnight and put the diaper bedtime.
Again make a balance of the day and whether to continue the program.

Third day
The potty at this point should be part of everyday life. The day should go something like this:
7-8: alarm clock, the diaper and potty within five minutes.
8.30 to 9: Hand washing and breakfast.
9 to 9.30: it's time to get dressed and brush your teeth.
9.30 to 13: activities at home or walk. After an hour and a half or two remember the child if he needs the potty.
13 to 13.30: let it sit on the potty before lunch and wash your hands.
14 to 15.15: the opportunity to sit on the potty before the afternoon nap. Let them put the diaper before bed. Sleep for an hour and a quarter.
15.15 to 15.45: wake up the baby and remove the diaper. Let it sit on the potty and leave it for three to four minutes.
16-18: afternoon outing. Potty before the release and return home.
18.30 to 19: wash your hands and dine. Tell your child how much you are proud of him. After dinner, quiet games.
19.30: potty and baby bath.
20 to 20.30: fairy tales or TV, then potty before bed.
From 20.30: brush your teeth, last visit to the potty before bed. Rimettetegli the diaper of the night just before to wish him goodnight. Remember to put the stone in the jar.
At this point you still do the balance of the day and you can continue the path set dates habits in the first three regions. Remember, your child still needs a guide and it will take time before I do it all alone. But that day will come soon ... so patience!

If at any stage of the three-day program there it seemed that the child is not interested in the idea to remove the diaper and you spent all the time to clean the floor, you may postpone the passage of a month or a month and a half and then try again. If there are accidents but every day you notice new progress, then you are on the right track. On the seventh day he should be able to reach the potty 90% of the time and could not be the visual aid necessary.

Good morning: five minutes after having removed the diaper
Before breakfast: only if you have not used it the first time I sat on the potty
Mid-morning: an hour and a half or two after the last pee
Before lunch: sit on the potty and then wash your hands
Nap before: put the diaper bedtime
Upon awakening: remove the diaper within five minutes
Before afternoon output: the bathroom together
Back home: when often need to use the potty
Before dinner: sit on the potty and then wash your hands
Before the bath: on the potty while the tub fills
Before going to bed: put the diaper bedtime

Thank you for read. You can see video start potty training in 3 days
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