20 tips for potty training

you already one or the other part of success? Either way is always said the same thing: your child needs to be ready. And sooner or later it is guaranteed.
"No master fell from the sky" you do not say yes for nothing.
There is no fixed age at which your child can learn to go potty, but with tricks is a work very relieved. Read over these tips from readers 20 by and try yourself out:

"1 word:. M & M's Just tell your child that he potty 2 or 3 M & M's gets after each course and if it then also obliterates even itself (a major challenge in the beginning), it still gets 2. This makes a big difference because. I believe that children so reluctant to go on the potty because they do not like to learn deletion. "

. 2
"I recommend seriously bribery as potty training. We always have a small piggy bank made of plastic in the bathroom had, and every time our baby done his business, he was rewarded (1 cent for small, 2 for large). My child was bewitched. They then always shaken the piggy bank and looked at how much it has become more difficult. When she was finished, we took the money and bought her some sweets. "

. 3
"After several failed attempts, I have something different attempts while mom deserves the weekend with their girlfriends has done something. I have the furniture covered with plastic and have my son" male "underwear bought. We then had a game where we each hour watching who could use the potty. there were a few accidents, and that we have been practicing intensively only a weekend, we had hardly any stress. "

. 4
"To get my son to learn to do his business and standing was initially really hard. But after some time, we made it a game. I gave a 5 cereal flakes into the pot and made it a target game. If he hit all 5 has, he always got a little something. "

. 5
"I've got all the tricks belongs - Stickers, toys, special underwear But best is something that fits you and is connected to your way of upbringing I've rewards never so not used even when potty What helped me... make frequent affection, love and a lot of pride when my child has done something successfully. something big from small steps is the key to progress. "

. 6
"I have no special things used -. My denomination forbids me Whenever I had the feeling that my child need, I have it easy on the toilet set After a week." Super "and" fine you Pipi did! "they have learned it - and with hardly accidents Allen in all, I think they were just ready for development.."

. 7
"My 2 year old son stood stubborn and refused when it came to big business after I had ales tried -. Of different games to potty songs - I told him that his business flows into the sea and there feeds the fish. and if he does not accomplishes its business, starve thousands of fish. So a selfless child as he is, he has sacrificed for fish and done from then on his business voluntarily. "

"I wish I could grab the applause that my child goes from alone on the potty, but the teacher in the daycare did a great job. They took the trouble of each of the children to put every 20 minutes on the potty and our task was only this habit continues afflict at home. I think he just likes the potty went, because he saw his classmates go potty. "

. 9
"We have found out that our child was just not interested to go on their own potty. For this reason we have the Potty Watch" invented ". It is programmed a timer every 30, 60 or 90 minutes ringing and reminds the child it on potty to go. "

"Once my children showed interest in the potty, I let them run around naked in front of Baden in the house. Then I let them go potty go without pants. And step by step they had more in the potty corridors until they end up quite understand it. The was a very painless and safe method. "

"Our first son started early to go potty, but had fear of big business. We tried many different things and then went in our need to see a doctor. This is telling us that babies sometimes afraid because they believe that the part of it is that you flushes. We have our baby a few picture books illustrated with the anatomy of a baby and tries to explain how digestion works and already he could go to the bathroom. "

"Every time my children have successfully visited the potty, they were given a sticker pasted on her robe. At the end of each day they have their rows of stickers then proudly Papi shown. They get twice praise and we had a cheap way our kids teach the potty Go. "

. 13
 "Once I had the feeling that my daughter was ready, we are constantly sitting on potty first every 10 minutes, then 15, then 20 and so after a few days she was able to walk on my own -.. When big business was, however, a little bit different: I have to give her with M & M's incentive ".

 "My son has learned quickly to do his small shop, but when it came to large, which lasted longer. We have to" instructions "wanted to know if he has, and then carried him to the bathroom immediately. Because it often somewhat longer has taken, we read to him by the wait to make tolerable But there is only one goal:.. patience, patience and again patience "

"We tried everything. Sweets, songs, poems, games ... Nothing seemed to work. My son has always been obsessed with cars and at that time was just the Disney movie Cars out. My husband bought several cars away and we said our son that he, if he was every time successfully on potty, a car gets. After 15 cars he was fully potty Trained. "

"Let's get straight to the point. We all have" tried tricks ", but nothing worked. Then we bought him normal underwear. He has repeatedly turned on for the first hour. After a few days and several accidents he was accustomed slowly to the potty . He still has minor accidents, but that was the big change worth of laundry. "

 "Our child was in the beginning not go to regular toilet because it has often noticed too late that it To change the on potty needs. We have a small pot concerned, put it into the living room and placed closer to the bathroom. After some time our baby was so used to it that it finally went to the normal toilet. "

"My daughter had to prevent fear of automatic rinses in public toilets., I have every time we have gone to the loo a Post-it stuck to the sensor to prevent it goes off when it is finished. After she had finished and everything is ready to go for, I just took the paper from the sensor and rinsed so down. "

"We always travel with a small toilet with removable seat. Thus, our child accustomed to the large" alarming "public toilets."

"I have my daughter always a song sung to which it could dance. At the end of the dance they have always sat on potty. Who has become only the  won. Of course, I can always win, but it was a funny way my bring daughter potty. "

There are 20 tips for potty training. You can apply these tips for your child. If you are looking best potty training course. I highly recommended potty training in 3 days. If this book is not work They have money back guarantee.

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