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For most parents, the issue of toilet training is a very important, as it represents a decisive step in the development of their child. Unfortunately, this phase is not always straightforward. As the potty training can take place and what should be noted here, learn here.

Some parents argue that potty training is unnecessary because the child when it is so far, is already going by himself to the bathroom. That can happen, but need not. Without knowing what are the benefits of the corridor to the toilet, and without it, to be back training, the child it is impossible to imagine often.

What for: mom and dad diaper is good, it does not need to switch to something. The child must get shown that it can move better without diaper and that it goes along with "growing up", no longer as the kids walk around with a thick pampers. In addition, there is the risk of kindergarten age from four years that the child is ridiculed and marginalized if it still runs around with stinky diaper - apart from the fact that many kindergartens accept not clean children do not even.

When can you start?

Very few children are in front of the 18th month so far, to be clean. For most, it is sometime between the second and third birthday so far, but in some children, it takes also into the fourth year of life. Specifically, the sphincter of the child must be trained well enough and that nerves function that are sent to the brain's signal for a full bladder or a full bowel. There is no point to push the child. Because then it defends itself against the potty training and begins to hold back because it does not want to go to the toilet. And that leads to urinary tract infections or blockages - both for the child very uncomfortable and associated with numerous visits to the pediatrician.

You should begin the toilet training when your child just has a normal daily rhythm and no great excitement or changes are made that cause him stress, such as the start to a childminder or in kindergarten. Observe your child's signals: it says if it has to go to the bathroom? Can it hold back his little business already? Does it show interest if Mom and Dad go to the bathroom?

How to get start?

A good start is training pants, which are already made thinner, so that your child tell when the panties are wet and that's unpleasant than normal diaper. These diapers can easily pull and thus already a trial basis themselves entered the pot the child. Some children do not like this intermediate step, are he can already excited by normal underpants.

Let your child choose his potty or the toilet seat itself, because it is recouped from the outset active in the subject. Just make sure that the potty is also stable enough that the child can use it alone without falling over it. Show your child picture books and stuffed animals or dolls, what should be done on the potty. So it gets an idea of what is expected of him.

At the beginning, you can simply attracted put your child on the potty. Thus it learns to accept the potty as part of his daily everyday. In a next step, put it already drawn down diapers on his throne. If at this time really a little business is already done, the better - you praise your child, because it understands what result is expected of him. Then you have to remember it regularly it and put it every two to three hours on his potty. Praise is always when really comes the desired result.
After about a week the child can associate mostly already: If it has, then take off pants and potty. Encourage your child to seek out on their own the potty and alone to go to the bathroom. Until the child but is constant clean, weeks may pass to months. Especially at night is often a diaper needs. Understand the child the purpose of the potty is not, you can show once that you go with the content of his diaper to the toilet he simply. And that it is normal for adults to go to the toilet. Who is large, no longer needs a diaper and can do his business right there, where it belongs. Then rinse, wash hands and finished.

Make it one that just at the beginning of accidents happen to. In these cases, do not scold me - this is normal and will happen again. Especially if the child is nervous or just playing sunk. Simply pass over, most casually ask "The next time you say it again, right?"

Potty training in night
Many children who go under tags already behaved even on the toilet, have at night still problems. Help your child by offering not to drink too much from the late afternoon and help him in the night and when it needs to go to the bathroom. Also, you can make the potty at night Nebens bed so that it does not have to go through the dark apartment, because that makes some children are so afraid that they would rather not go to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can also set up a lamp with motion sensor on the way to the toilet, so it does not need to fear.

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